Joking Hazard: Stroking Hazard

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Details: Last year, a random Amazon user left us a 1 star review, claiming too many Joking Hazard cards rely on sex, boners and butt stuff to be funny. This scathing and accurate criticism kept us up every night since, until one way we had a really, really good idea. What if we added MORE sex, boners and butt stuff to Joking Hazard? And what if we got Pornhub to help us, since they’re clearly the experts? Introducing STROKING HAZARD, an official collaboration between Cyanide & Happiness and PornHub, and our only expansion pack so vulgar we had to categorize it as a sex toy. Pump these 50 brand new cards into your deck, and start playing with your friends on a whole new level.

Brand: Joking Hazard


  • Cyanide & Happiness and Pornhub bring you 50 steamy new cards to add to your JOKING HAZARD game!
  • This is an expansion pack! It requires Joking Hazard to play.
  • 50 porn-themed cards so erotic they should be banned.
  • Yes, we came up with the name “Stroking Hazard” first and then worked backwards
  • If you want to subtly turn your Wednesday game night into an orgy, but are too afraid to ask, this is the way to do it.
Joking Hazard: Stroking Hazard
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