SnoozeShade Plus (6m+) - Baby and Toddler Buggy Sun Shade and Sleep aid for pushchairs and Strollers - Universal fit and Blocks up to 99% of UV

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Details: Product Description The SnoozeShade range was invented by a safety-obsessed British mum in 2010. The Plus is for babies aged 6 months+ (or once they are sitting up and want to look out when awake). It has a unisex steel grey trim and detail. The Plus blocks up to 99% of UV rays (UPF50+). It is a high quality pram sun shade and baby sleep aid that also protects from wind, chill, insects, cats and even light rain. The front single layer window filters 80% of UV so baby can enjoy the sights safely without sun in little eyes. No more blankets over the buggy! With regular use SnoozeShade becomes a sleep trigger and baby knows it’s time to sleep. At naptime, zip up the outer panel to block 99% of UV, reduce distractions and help your little one snooze on-the-go. Use the top peekaboo zip to check in quickly on your little one. Our 'sleeping baby' emblem tells people that baby is not to be disturbed. When not in use, secure the front panel with the straps provided. SnoozeShade Plus will last until your child is out of the buggy. It fits larger buggies, 3-wheelers and jogging strollers easily and allows for toddlers’ longer legs. Perfect for holidays, days and meals out, theme parks as it helps little ones get a much needed nap. Many parents tell us they love it so much they continue to use it when then get home. Safety is Number One at SnoozeShade - all SnoozeShade products meet the strict safety standards of a toy for a newborn to ensure they are as safe as possible. Our fabric is a special air-permeable mesh (air passes through it) that blocks 99% of UV and 94% of light. If your baby is 0-6m we recommend the SnoozeShade Original and SnoozeShade Car Seat Canopy. Going on holiday with a little one? Check out our version for travel cots which makes sharing a room with baby easier. Manufacturer's Description Maximum sun protection for your baby SnoozeShade Original blocks 99% of the sun's UV rays. Doctors recommend babies aged under 6 months are kept out of direct sunlight and you can use SnoozeShade to give more shade than a parasol as well as to aid healthy napping. Good daytime sleep = good sleep at night SnoozeShade is recommended by the world's top baby sleep experts, doctors and midwives because it helps babies get the sleep they need rather than the sleep they can grab when out and about. Napping during the day reduces the cortisol levels in baby's blood which, if not reduced by bedtime, will keep baby awake and wired just when they need their sleep. Parents use words like 'lifesaver' and godsend' to describe their SnoozeShade when we asked over 300 of our customers, 9 out of 10 said they would recommend to a friend. Jo Tantum, one of the UK's leading baby sleep experts, recommends SnoozeShade to her clients and we have many health and medical professionals who buy for themselves and know that a well-rested baby is a happy baby which makes the whole family's life easier. Our fabric is a specially designed air-permeable mesh (this means air can pass through) and much safer than a blanket or similar items. There are no long straps and all materials used are tested to wiothstand the same treatment as a toy to ensure they are are as safe as possible. You can tell it's deidgned by a mum. The holiday essential that you'll keep on using Many parents tell us they started using SnoozeShade when they were going on holiday and worried about upsetting baby's routine. Great for day trips, evening meals out and if delayed in an airport. Bst of all they also tell us that they keep using it when they're home as it has made such a difference. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Helps babies sleep How did you come up with the idea for this product? As a new mum, I became frustrated when I needed to be out of the house when it was my baby daughter's naptime. I ended up either a) having an over tired grumpy child who then couldn't sleep at night as she was too tired to sleep or b) hanging items like blankets or muslins over the pram

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  • SAFE SUN PROTECTION INVENTED BY A MUM: Our pram sun shade and blackout cover for babies and toddlers blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. It creates safe shade, protects baby’s eyes and skin from the sun and shields from wind, light rain and insects
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Our one size fits all buggy sunshade is made from a soft stretchy air-permeable mesh to fit all 3 and 4 wheel single-width prams, pushchairs and strollers including jogging strollers.
  • EASIER AND SAFER THAN A BLANKET: Approved by The Melanoma International Foundation, the scientifically tested lightweight air-permeable (better than breathable) mesh allows air to circulate easily. It keeps baby comfortable while keeping the sun out of little eyes.
  • PERFECT FOR BUGGY NAPS: SnoozeShade Plus creates a shady, snooze-friendly environment so baby can nap when needed wherever you are. Recommended by baby sleep experts worldwide, SnoozeShade helps little ones learn when it’s time for a snooze
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS: Simple to attach with stretchy straps and elasticated sides. Can be removed just as quickly. Small and lightweight, it comes with a free storage bag
SnoozeShade Plus (6m+) - Baby and Toddler Buggy Sun Shade and Sleep aid for pushchairs and Strollers - Universal fit and Blocks up to 99% of UV
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